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Why is the Cryptocurrency Crash Course important to you?

The Cryptocurrency Crash Course is important because you know lots of people and companies are making life changing money with crypto and you want to be one of them. You do not want to waste any more time. You know you can’t afford to keep “Google-ing” things. You can’t afford to keep listening to social media influencers. You can’t afford to give your money to people/courses/clubs who are making their money from people like you selling gimmick and agendas. You can’t afford to keep watching television or reading news because as you try to “buy the news” its already too late and those with established positions are selling the story. You can’t afford to listen to bad, incorrect or fear-based information.

the film
The facts

To the Moon...

Because you don’t have a “money” problem, you have a “mindset” problem. 

When Johannes Gutenberg invented the Printing Press around the year 1440, OVER 95% of the world was completely illiterate. The masses could NOT read or write, yet books took off. The same is true at this moment. You don’t know how to read or write crypto. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are nothing new: they have already taken off! Yet most people don’t understand them. Many people are afraid of them or dismiss their legitimacy. For over one decade an elite group of “thinkers” (people and entities) who understand “crypto” have been flying to the moon regularly making surreal amounts of money within an already multi-trillion-dollar deeply rooted industry. 
The GREATEST creation and transfer of WEALTH in the history of humanity is taking place right now and you are on the sideline or confused, unsure and lost. You need a roadmap and a gameplan; to start traveling in the right directions. Do NOT waste your time watching videos and joining discourses, email mailing lists and chat rooms with alerts. Don’t worry about learning how to read the market charts and candle-sticks; bull markets or bear markets.

The mission


Biggest Scam Currencies

  • 30.4% of this currency is owned by 1% of people.

  • $20 Trillion dollars of this currency is in circulation; 25% was minted in 2021.

  • This currency has lost approximately 15% of its value/buying power because of its UNLIMITED SUPPLY.

  • It’s the US Dollar. And inflation is just the beginning.

    The entire world is changing rapidly and drastically. There hasn’t been a “new asset class” since the 1700’s. Within finance and wealth, a shift has occurred much like the transition from a typewriter to laptop computer.

    The Quantum Financial System is here; Cryptocurrencies, most digital assets blanketed under this term aren’t “currencies” at all. You cannot go into this new world and system with old world strategies and thoughts or you will simply re-create history and achieve more of the same.


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