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Image by Art Rachen

Bitcoin is the New Gold!

and the California Gold Rush

Samuel Brannan was an American businessman and journalist who founded the California Star/ 1st newspaper in San Francisco, California. He is considered the 1st to publicize the California Gold Rush and was its 1st millionaire. But he didn’t become rich from his newspaper, nor by mining or panning for gold.

Upon confirming “gold” had been discovered, Brannan hurriedly set up a store to sell gold prospecting supplies, walked through the streets of San Francisco holding a glass vial of gold which he purchased, shouting: "Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!” The more he publicized the Gold Rush and Golden State, the more stores he opened, the more real estate/land and assets he acquired.

Today within Cryptocurrency and the Quantum Financial Industry, there are a few types of Samuel Brannans. You do not want to think of crypto as a currency as much as different technologies solving real world problems or serving purposes.

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Crypto is Nothing New

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay!

What is Blockchain? What is the difference between 1st Generation to 3rd Generation Blockchain technologies? What are the differences between the various cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto wallets? Not all exchanges are equal, nor can all exchanges be used in particular countries, states and regions. A person in New York or California CANNOT invest in the same things and/or with the same ease and convenience as a person in Arizona and Florida. At this moment in time, a resident of Canada is BEST positioned to take advantage of, couple and invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

What is the difference between “Proof of Work” vs “Proof of Stake?” Market Caps and Circulating Supplies? Which cryptocurrencies have limitless supplies vs deflationary coins/tokens? What is an Altcoin and which ones are established with real world purposes/value? Why the transition to cryptocurrencies? Why now? What is the Global or Great Reset? How will the Great Reset, digital currencies, Global ID's, and blockchain technology influence the free flow of people and commerce?

The Cryptocurrency Crash Course will teach you the difference between a regular investor and the mega rich Quantum Financial Magnate. You will know the answers to the questions above as well as what resources/tools to use on your journey foward.

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Why Chase BTC?

DeFi or Decentralized Finance is KING!

Although many participated in the “California Gold Rush,” few got rich and even fewer found “gold.” The journey to California was miserable and the price in many cases was sickness and death. Gold is gold. Nothing can or will ever replace the physical metal. If anything is digital gold, it is those cryptocurrencies that are backed by physical gold bars and/or can be “cashed in” for physical gold.

Bitcoin is a store of value or digital asset. It is nostalgia. It is 1st generation archaic blockchain technology in which you can perhaps 4 or 5 times your money in the near future. It is not going to be the global reserve currency and has tremendous limitations in its current permutation. There are many better investments at this moment for the “average person” capable of buying “only” a few hundred or thousand or tens of thousands of dollars of crypto. The average investor hell-bent on Bitcoin would see a better return on their investment/more growth if they “cost averaged into” the Bitcoin Cash #BCH fork.

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FIAT is transitioning

Paper money is dead

You will begin to hear the phrase “Greatest Transition of Wealth.” The global elite, both individuals and corporations are transitioning their FIAT or national currency into “digital wealth” and digital assets. For you, there are many ways to spend your dying dollars, pounds and euros. Your window of opportunity to position yourself for what can only be described as “life-changing wealth” is closing.

Many cryptocurrencies have already gone to the moon from literally fractions of a cent to now tens even hundreds and thousands of dollars. Bitcoin was once .0008 cents and if you bought $1’s worth you’d now have over $4.2 million dollars. You missed that bus, but it’s OK. There is a new opportunity 24/7 because "CRYPTO NEVER SLEEPS" and neither does your ability to capitalize.

There are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies, projects and blockchain technologies; unique pieces of art and music (NFT’s or Nonfungible Tokens) to DeFi to “Security Tokens” and many other terms and phrases you may or may not be familiar with at this time, all of which can make you tons of money. It is overwhelming as well as difficult to know where or how to buy cryptocurrency and the best way to spend your $100 or your $1000 a month, or your $100,000. This is why the Crypto Crash Course is of pinnacle importance to you.

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