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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Speaking Engagements

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Anthony Galima is the Creator of Business Anthropology. Anthony is an educator, speaker and featured podcast guest on occasion; discussing cultures, demographics, technological shifts/funnels; focusing primarily on the Global Reset and this transition into the Quantum Financial System.


He has been a technology and cultural expert for over two decades. These days his passion focuses on teaching people "all things" relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency. The primary problem holding back "mass adaptation" is FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). The amount of misinformation, misconceptions and outright bullshit surrounding "cryptocurrency" is astounding. Everything being taught in universities is already obsolete and most of what people think they know is not accurate. All you will find across social media is the blind leading the blind. All you will find from "news" outlets is whatever narrative supports a Bitcoin Maximalist persuasion. All you will hear from Crypto Exchanges is to refer your friends and get $10 in Free Bitcion.


Mr. Galima’s only desire is to help people, families, schools, corporations and communities achieve greater measures of success, building to their dreams and not their limitations.  BUT, he doesn't chase after anyone or care for kudos or accolades. In a world where everyone produces massive amounts of “content” spread across social networking platforms; where every expert has free e-books or bonus videos - Anthony is very selective about the content he shares online and were he shares it (only on Twitter and LinkedIn). He also isn't interested in charging high "ticket prices" for events at luxury hotels that come with a free boxed lunch. 

“I prefer speak directly to people. Whether it be in a classroom or conference room; whether it be one on one over the phone, it is more meaningful and effective. I don’t need to be a part of every social networking platform. My dream is not to be a content creator, but to create multi-millionaires and people who are financially free of every age around the world."


If you want to contact him for a speaking engagement, this is the place. If your family, your business, your college or fraternity, your assisted living facility would like Anthony Galima to come speak about blockchain and ledger technologies being infused into every aspect of life; he does take road trips. No one on earth can paint the full picture as to how these technologies will change the human experience and how you can position yourself today for what can only be described as “Generational Wealth” just around the corner.


The 1st new asset class in over 2 centuries is here. The largest creation and transition of wealth is taking place globally. Mr. Galima’s affinity is to YOU; not to any technology or philosophy. The "Global Reset" and "Building Back Better" is going to create tremendous devastation for many, and tremendous opportunities for some. How will you potion yourself to acquire digital property and digital assets that will generate life changing wealth? What do you really know about Bitcoin? About Coinbase? About Defi? About ledger technology? About NFTs? About digital wallets? About stablecoins? 

Anthony is brilliant! Everything he said made perfect sense to me. Everyone was smiling and laughning as we were learning so much.

“I'm going to the moon. I was thinking about crypto, even buying it wrong. It's not like stocks, it not like bonds, and now I 'get it.' ”

"I wish all my college professors were like him. As a student you want to learn things that will help you in real life. I feel confident now that I'm not going to lose money investing in crytpo."

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