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Best Value!
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Nothing Compares!

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It does not matter if you are a professional athlete, movie star, retired Baby Boomer or 16 year old high school student with your parent's permission: EVERYONE gets the very same Crypto Crash Course excellence and quality. There is no silver, gold, or platinum package; no basic, professional or premium. 


You need access to the best resources, information and knowledge to make the best decisions. The Cryptocurrency Crash Course is a roadmap and routine to keep you fearless and focused. You will understand what others do not, feel good, and act with clear direction. It will establish what you already may know, and help you sail towards your goals. It's your navigational guidance on-demand system.


This is not a curriculum you can learn anywhere else in the world because it cannot be written down or recorded in a series of videos. Everyone has different desires and needs; everyone has different skillsets and resources. Not everyone can access or utilize the same tools/exchanges depending on where they live within the United States or other countries. What you need might be very different than that of your friend or colleague.


Don’t base your results on luck or chance. Don’t pay thousands of dollars to people, groups and systems that are making their money because they are great marketing and social media influencers; not by helping people. Morons are making millions of dollars a month because good people like you keep giving “them” money.”


Even worse, good people like you are giving away your valuable time and receiving price predictions? Or being told what they "think?" Revealing what their "inside sources told them," but never who the inside sources are. These people are charlatans at worst, biased and incentivized at best. Many of them work together; and they are feeding everyone the same bullshit or greatest success stories after the fact. 

If you want to pay for Smith & Wollensky, but receive McDonalds then look elsewhere. If you want to Internet date and find the crypto-guru love of your life with the most incredible pictures and Instagram story, wasting more time only to find out that everything is a façade,  go right ahead. There are plenty of people doing a great job pretending to know a lot, eating sushi everyday, renting exotic cars and putting on a great show. 


45 Minute “one on one” consultations with Quantum Financial Analyst and Crypto-Millionaire Coach Anthony Galima are available to be used as frequently as desired or needed. If it is your first time and you never bought any crypto before, that’s wonderful. Within 45 minutes you will have pages and pages of notes as well as many questions answered.

If you are a seasoned veteran, you can have your plans/goals and milestones assessed and evaluated to make sure you are on track to having the financial freedom you desire by 2025. How many coins and in what quantities do you need to have AND where do you need to have them in order to amass the amount of money you desire.

 Currently there is a  25% OFF Sale and it is HUGE:

  • $299 for ONE 45-minute coaching session. (Regularly: $375)

  • $999 for FOUR 45-minute coaching sessions. (Regularly: $1250)

  • $1,775 for EIGHT 45-minute coaching sessions. (Regularly: $2225)

You can pay with everything from CashApp to PayPal to Zelle to Ethereum or Cardano to a Personal Check. Whatever is most convenient for you. Each option must be paid in full and in advance.

BONUS COURSTSY OFFER: If you choose ONE 45 minute coaching session, you will have a ONE TIME ONLY opportunity at the end of your session to  upgrade to FOUR or EIGHT coaching sessions and have your $299 credited making the difference owed $700 for 3 additional coaching lessons or $1476 for 7 additional coaching sessions/discussions.

When you sign up now/schedule a coaching session on this website, you are not submitting payment at this time. Anthony Galima or Business Anthropology's corporate secretary is going to contact you directly (via TEXT MESSAGE) to collect your payment and lock in your appointment.


It is wonderful and easy. Talk about the Crypto Crash Course. Tell your friends, family members and co-workers. Share this website across your social media platforms. The only prerequisite is you must have had at least ONE coaching session with Anthony OR if you are not a current/former student, you cannot cash in your amassed "time" until it reaches 45 minutes in total.


For every person you "refer" who successfully purchases a "one on one" coaching session with Anthony Galima, you will receive 15, 30, or 45 minutes of FREE coaching with Anthony. All the referral has to do is when submitting the Crypto Crash Course form under "Additional Information" is mention your name. So they say, "Jennifer Clark" on TikTok told me, and you being "Jennifer Clark" get 15 minutes for free if your referral chooses ONE coaching session. If your referral chooses FOUR coaching sessions, you get 30 minutes free; EIGHT coaching sessions and you get 45 minutes for free.

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