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Providing You With Alternative and Supplemental Cryptocurrency Learning Options

Working Mom

E-mail Teaching and Coaching

If you would like to send an e-mail of 500 characters or less with well-articulated and coherent questions, it is $199. Whether it be investment decisions, strategies, portfolio assessments; you are having a problem with a popular exchange or wallet and have not yet received a helpful response—you can send Anthony Galima an e-mail. He will respond within 5 Business days to the very best of his ability and in great detail. It will not be a “cut and paste” response, nor will it be the same as the “Cryptocurrency Crash Course” Coaching Sessions. Under extraordinary circumstances if there is no answer to your question(s) or no plausible solution after exhausting his extensive knowledgebase and network; that information and truthfulness in and of itself has value. The absolute worst-case scenario will be that you will have understanding, a new direction to explore, and/or closure. Do not risk potentially being scammed or not getting the service and answers you need.

Crypto Crash Course on TELEGRAM?

The Cryptocurrency Crash Course CANNOT be found on any Social Media Platform except TELEGRAM.


If you see ANY ACCOUNT or ANY PERSON on Social Media with the name "Cryptocurrency Crash Course" or any variation of it, it is definitely NOT Anthony Galima or an extension of Business Anthropology.


The Crypto Crash Course does have a PRIVATE/Members only Telegram. It is an alternative to the ONE on ONE phone consultations and E-mail coaching services. This PRIVATE/Members only Telegram is $100 a month for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.


Here Anthony Galima and his finest students collaborate with each other/assist each other. They share their expertise, analysis, and continue to grow by asking questions and discussing the most trusted and expertly curated cryptocurrency news source: "Hard Fork News" on Telegram.


Sometimes you need a little support group; sometimes a full 45 minute coaching session is too much and not the remedy you need. You might only have a quick question or two.


If you want to arrange for payment and get the "invite link" - click the envelope below/fill out the form appropriately. You can cancel anytime/there are no long-term membership requirements. 

Crypto Diet

Your crypto portfolio is what you feed it just like "you are what you eat."  What are you consuming to become big and strong; to stay healthy? When are you eating the things you eat? How much are you consuming?  How frequently? Why are you eating what you're eating?


The Crypto Diet is a solution. This ONE time assessment and plan is specifically designed for the individual who wants to invest in the BEST crypto at the BEST overall prices regularly. It helps you both establish and increase your long term positions until you reach your desired "weight goals" and quantities. It allows you to trim the excess fat and reverse poor decisions you might have made in the past.


Not every diet works for every person; depending on what cryptocurrency you already have, where you have it, how much you are committed to investing regularly; what exchanges/wallets are you currently using if any. The person spending $5 a day before noon should NOT have the same crypto-diet as the person investing $1250 a week.


The crypto diet is INTENSE and a lot must be assessed and accomplished within this "consultation." 

The Crypto Diet requires your commitment to TWO 30 minute "one on one" coaching sessions within the course of TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS. In between your coaching sessions, Mr. Galima will be creating your "Diet Plan."


The Crytpo Diet Plan is currently: $500. To schedule your coaching sessions and arrange payment, click the envelope below and fill out the form appropriately. 

Crypto Crash Course on Telegram
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