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Guidance or Manipulation? Experts or Idiots? Editorialized Opinions or News Worthy?

You do not know how to navigate and take action like the elite 1% do within the crypto markets and ecosystems. Both the novice to the “expert” to date are easily impressed with videos, charts, personalities, statistics and manipulated results. People every day throw good intentioned time and money away trying to find the information, the group or discord, the trading system or bot, “the secret” that will lead them to millions of dollars. Most crypto social media influencers to blockchain and custodial industry experts are feeding and fueling misinformation, gimmicks, narratives and false agendas.

Everyone knows someone who is supposedly making a lot of money from some group or course they paid $1000+ dollars for. They rationalize their purchase or the credibility of “content” because there are even TikTok and Instagram Videos with screen shots and everything. At the same time nobody you know has or makes a lot of money; just excuses as to “why they haven’t made a lot yet” or they are going to have a lot of money soon. Then the narrative and the reason they believe they failed is because they didn’t have or couldn’t spend enough money; or better yet, they need to buy an additional service or membership. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Social Media Influencers make money off of you! They use this money to do things you cannot do and take risks you should not take.

Many YouTube, TikTok and Instagram “content creator” accounts make hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars a year. These people are not one of you; some even charge upwards of $10,000 for a seemingly innocent video that pumps a system or currency. From the most well known to the obscure cult followings, cryptocurrency "influencers" do NOT make money by helping you.

Many of these systems and courses you buy, that is how those people make money: selling these courses to people like you. These Discords, Telegrams and clubs charging thousands of dollars; do the math; they’re making big money feeding you garbage. As a result of all the money they make from you, they can take high risk trades and do things that the average person cannot. They leverage their positions, they push people into projects they have a vested interest in and engage in "rug pulls;" to straight up scams where they will steal everything from your "seed phrases" to "private keys."

Social Media Influencers only and always show you the success stories/not their failures; and when you have money, it’s a lot easier to recover from mistakes and make more money. Their success is a façade in which you cannot replicate. This is done so by design to keep you hungry for “more.” You need Part 2 or the VIP Room or some kind of upgrade that costs more, or to speak with someone from their "team." 

Some Social Media Influencers are indeed the inventors/creators of many platforms, coins, blockchain and ledger technologies with credible expertise, but extreme bias and tunnel vision. Other's claim to legitimacy is they bought some Bitcoin over a decade ago or Ethereum under $200 and now they are Crypto Genius Gods who know everything and "told you so." 

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