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The Big Banks Business Model as it exists at this moment is: DEAD.

Why would anyone keep money in "the bank," when you could keep money on an exchange and make 5% to 300% interest? It sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. 10% per week interest on "stablecoins" is fairly easy to come by if you know where to look.

Banks on National and Global Levels, the Federal Reserves have been reengineering and are repositioning themselves within markets they can logically expand into. Banks in the traditional sense as we have come to know them have already evolved behind the scenes immersed within the Quantum Financial System or are going to die.

The banks of the future are the UNBANK YOURSELF MOVEMENT; the banks of the future are a coupling of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and environments/exchanges/wallets/DeFi. With the correct coupling, you can in essence be a bank, have your digital assets/cryptocurrency “working for you,” and never have to “sell” your assets, never have to sell your crypto to have real buying power.

The Global Economies of the world are changing and within blockchain and ledger technologies there are a few significant entities that are positioned to be KEY PLAYERS within the future of Banking and the Quantum Financial System. They are: Ripple/XRP, to Stellar/XLM, to Hedera Hashgraph/HBAR and Chainlink/LINK.

You no longer need a bank to buy a house or a car or pay for your college. You no longer need a credit card to come up with an extra $2,500 for Holiday Gifts. You don’t even need a tangible card of any kind to “pay” for anything; a smartphone will do just fine. You no longer need a business, employees, a product or service to “make money.” You no longer have to “sell” your assets to free up some liquid capital; you get to keep your assets just like the wealthy have done for centuries.

Blockchain Technologies work for you in a way that no real estate, stocks or business ever could. It’s a new world and largely unchartered and misunderstood entity. You have already been preconditioned and brainwashed by the popular narratives, ivory-tower idiots and social media groupthink. The like-minded consensus amongst individuals says nothing about the validity or truthfulness of their assertions and claims. If you are trying to “buy low” and “sell high” you are doing it like most and doing yourself a grave injustice.

WARNING: The housing market is going to crash. The banks really aren't going to die. Most “traditional banks” are and will be landlords officially owning most of America’s real estate. The banks aren’t going anywhere, just changing their business model. At this moment, the “Baby Boomers” own over 45% of all of the real estate and are a diminishing demographic; most 60 to 75 years old. The up-and-coming generations will NOT be able to afford these properties and have already been conditioned that it’s “better to just rent” or having a “tiny carbon footprint.”

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