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Crypto Crash Course Investing TIPS: DeFi Is KING

Every cryptocurrency, even those people love, aren’t going to the moon. It’s mathematically and statistically impossible for every coin to be worth tens of thousands or millions of dollars. Inversely, many projects that have gone to the moon, may soon come back to earth. These projects have limitations and shortcomings not yet “discovered by the masses.” Many damaging environmental impacts attributed to 1st generation blockchains and “meme coins” with absolutely zero utility have yet to be discussed.

The average person to the informed investor has many misconceptions, misunderstandings, bad habits, and realistic dreams with unrealistic execution and strategies. You are unknowingly buying risky/dangerous cryptocurrencies; outdated/slow technology; you are utilizing risky platforms and applications. You are NOT more intelligent that the Global Reserve Banks and Credit Card Goliaths like Visa and Mastercard; nor are you investing in the niche with a market cap that just keeps 10X-ing.

Invest where people and entities KEEP their money. Within the various blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency categories/projects, the hands down winners historically have been and will continue to be DEFI.

Within the world of DEFI there has been and is the potential for the most incredible, consistent and continued growth. Some of the KEY players are: AAVE, UNISWAP, POLYGON, FANTOM, COMPOUND, BALANCER, YERN FINANCE, CURVE DAO, SUSHI SWAP, SYNTHETIX NETWORK, 1 INCH, LUNA, CAKE & MAKER. (This is not a complete listing.)

Let the “idiots,” those who have recreated “more of the same” in the crypto-markets, let the idiots who have not taken the Crypto Crash Course chase after one Bitcoin that will be worth $250,000 or $10,000 Ethereum; that’s fine. If you want to double your money, or ten times your money; fine. But know that there are dinosaurs who have been cost-averaging into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum for years and years; these are manipulated markets/coins.

You have the opportunity to position yourself elsewhere; where the Amazons to the Facebooks to the Apples and Banks of America are going. You have the opportunity to reap the very same sorts of financial rewards as those who purchased/invested in Ethereum or Bitcoin and are already Multi-Millionaires. You must completely forget what you know or think you know about “money” and “banks.”

You cannot enter the Quantum Financial System with the same way of thinking that has perpetuated for centuries and expect different, life-changing results. Nobody in the world understands and can break down all the various blockchain ecosystems and cryptocurrencies like Anthony Galima. He is the father of Business Anthropology; designed video-streaming servers and put video on the Internet before the advent of YouTube; he is a Quantum Financial Analyst and Crypto-Millionaire Coach. He is NOT a social media content creator/been there/done that. He is not of service to others doing good deeds for acknowledgement, kudos, accolades or spotlight. Your success is his success and only priority.

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