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China LOVES Bitcoin. They also like manipulating the market and global crypto-narrative.

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Don't let the Chinese government fool you. What a brilliant bait and switch it is; to pour their national/FIAT currency into "digital assets;" to transition it Quantum Finance and all things blockchain. Perhaps the global pandemic has destabilized the US Dollar to such an extent it will no longer be regarded as the Global Reserve Currency?

China. It is the 3rd largest holder of Bitcoin in the world. Its government has created some of the best blockchain technology in the world.

We are living in what is called the “Great Reset” or “Global Reset.” Every government of the world has a “Building Back Better” campaign. This is the largest transition of wealth and creation of wealth in the history of humanity. The crypto currencies are taking “FIAT” currencies out of circulation. When you buy $100,000 of Bitcoin, it is no longer US Dollars.

The US Dollar is being printed into oblivion and worthlessness. China wants “their money” or “cryptos” to be the global reserve currency. Bitcoin maximalists want Bitcoin to be the global reserve currency.

Ripple blockchain, Chainlink labs, Hedera’s ledger technology, Polkadot…these entities/technologies/companies can tie all the various technologies together, all the fiat currencies to digital assets to storages of wealth in both the physical world and digital world together. All of these technologies/systems decentralized or centralized - it’s merely semantics. Everything is recorded/tracked/monitored/traced. With the exception of 2 privacy coins, “Crypto” is Big Brother’s Wet Dream. The end of privacy within trade and commerce. But it is inevitable and already here.

Social Media, Traditional Media, Political Entities, to Entertainers/Athletes/Personalities are supplying different countries with different narratives regarding cryptocurrency. Developing Nations, impoverished nations, communist and socialist countries are buying up cryptocurrency like candy. They are encouraging their people to invest/to buy just a little bit. They are getting their worthless national currencies, converting/transitioning their wealth into the wealth of the future. The $100 someone in Venezuela or Korea puts in now; once the Western World Money flows into this asset class; lives elsewhere will be changed.

The Quantum Financial System and blockchain/ ledger technologies will fix real world catastrophes we are currently experiencing and those yet to be unleashed upon humanity.

The United States to the European Union to Great Britain; those citizens have not been given the green light or checkered flag to go “all in” on crypto because all the dominions for the Global or Great Reset are not yet lined up. The US Dollar/Economy/Market has not yet collapsed. Stay tuned...

The “baby boomers” have not been encouraged to diversify their portfolios into “crypto” assets specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum: the Gen Xers are unknowingly helping the elites position and move around big big money by participating in certain “NFTs.”

The Western World will be funneled into Bitcoin and Ethereum; those poster boys/drivers of this new asset class/market will allow for obscene wealth to be created elsewhere, as well as ordinary citizenry globally to have a more equally quality of life. The average person in every country will have the same standards of living; and the rich elites will be not billionaires, but have trillions.

That’s the bad news. Everyone is going to own nothing; and feel good about it. Feel like they are “helping.” Drive around in overpriced batteries called cars that destroy entire landscapes mining for lithium.

You don’t have to succumb to that Orwellian nightmare. You don’t have to live in fear. You have the smallest of windows to position yourself for Generational Wealth. You can be just like the families who invested in the stock market in 1711. You can position a few hundred or a few thousand dollars today, into an asset that will generate for you different types of “wealth” from currencies and money you will spend, to things you will never touch.

To learn how to navigate the Quantum Financial System, you cannot Google it. You cannot follow anyone on TikTok or Twitter. You cannot learn about it in school. The Shark Tank experts to Elon Musk to Crypto “Insert Idiot’s Name” social media influencers aren’t going to help you.

Contact Quantum Financial Analyst and Crypto-Millionaire Coach Anthony Galima today to schedule your ONE on ONE "Cryptocurrency Crash Course" coaching session today.

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